Jamaica is calling me AGAIN!

With the release of the novel Daughter of the Caribbean, Norma Jennings has written a love letter to her island home and paid personal homage to the culture and heritage of this exotic, beautiful and conflicting island paradise that is Jamaica. Norma aka as Olivia, a true and devoted daughter of the Caribbean, eagerly shares extraordinary experiences as she is raised by her Jamaican grandmother on the sprawling estate of Twickenham in this personal, provocative and epic tale where she embraces her heritage despite notorious ancestors. The book has given Ms. Jennings a platform from which to speak to others about life’s journey, to enlighten them about this region’s history and politics, and about family stories full of drama, conflict, romance and love.

For more information or to make a speaking request for your organization or association, send an email to info@daughterofthecaribbean.com.

This setting is an enticing invitation to have a first-hand experience of Jamaica’s natural beauty and all of its spoils. I shared in all the excitement, humor, fears, sorrows, joys, losses and achievements of this colorful family, and when the last chapter came to an end I was reluctant to be severed from a world I wanted to continue wrapping myself in. I’m filled and still want more!